Here is the Title Screen

Project Description:
In this hilarious Thanksgiving themed app, the user can click and drag food items to place on the table for classic characters who have come together to share in a delicious thanksgiving feast! Engage with different background objects, food items and characters to create unique sound effects and dialogue. Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

Project Challenge:
For this project, We were given a week to design a thanksgiving themed soundboard application for Android tablets. Our team consisted of three people, and we were required to include a variety of dialogue, music, and effects that evoke a sense of the holidays. We were required to design compelling characters along with an intuitive visual interface.

Project Process:
We began our project by brainstorming for 30 minutes to decide what our course for the project would be.  From there we created a design document stating our purpose, roles, schedule, and assets required as well as creating a wireframe for the program, concept art, and a mood board.  From this point we created all of our assets and created a basic frame for the application. We then recorded sounds, and imported all of the assets into the Flash. From there I finished coding all of the interface and interactions with assets. We then improved some assets and tweaked the functionality through testing, then published it to the google play store.

Project Role: 
I lead our team in developing, and did all of the coding for the program, as well as debug and publish the application. I also did the voice acting for the Native American.
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