Sir Cattington is a two-dimensional physics based puzzle game set in a 50’s diner. The player drags food objects from the top of the screen and places them throughout the level to help get Sir Cattington to his beloved plate of pancakes. Muffins, act as trampolines, while eggs are placeable bumpers to help maneuver Sir Cattington throughout the level. Collect all the syrup bottles to unlock the next stage! Points are determined by how quickly the player completes the level, as well as how many syrup bottles are collected.
Sir Cattington is a casual mobile game for android tablets designed to be accessible by all ages. This game was developed in Unity by a three person team over the course of a month and a half. For this project I was the team’s lead programmer, and I learned new scripting functionalities within C# for Unity such as data permanence, and was able to experiment with Unity’s physics capabilities. Along with programming the project, I also assisted our team with creating both a concept document, and game design document for the overall project, as well as completing a round of game testing.
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